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María Mendoza

María Mendoza, pianist, composer and conductor, was born in northern Spain in 1975. Her lifelong passion for music and the piano has led her from an extensive musical academic education to performances across Europe with her original compositions that blend elements of classical, contemporary, jazz, and Galician folk traditions.

Her professional activity includes teaching, composing, performing, and conducting, highlighting her many creative facets. She has been juried in several international contests and is the recipient of many major awards.

She is the composer of animated series and short film soundtracks broadcast on televisions around the world, and composer of contemporary classical music performed in Spain, France, Turkey and Italy, among others. Since 2010, Mendoza is an active member of the Galician Composers’ Association.

Mendoza has been commissioned by numerous organizations, groups and companies, such as the Galician Consellería of Culture, the 2023 Mestre Mateo Awards, the Santiago Symphonic Band, the Vatican, the Galician dance company Traspediante for their show “Up2Down”, and the Basque group Basabi.

Her albums, Intro (2016), Nova (2017), and Cronos (2020), published by the Galician record label Arteficción, can be heard on all digital platforms and in her live concerts.