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Obal, a band formed by Jaime Rebollo, Iván Costa & Diego Langarika, with unusual instruments: bouzouki, zanfona and nyckelharpa, brings us music from the Rías Baixas in Galicia, where this project and its authors were born.
Jaime Rebollo, lured by the hypnotic sound of the hurdy-gurdy, abandoned his bagpipes and other wind instruments and learned to play from some of the European masters. So great was his love for the instrument, that he became a luthier and now hand-creates some of the finest instruments available anywhere.
As a bagpiper, Iván Costa won many of the most important international competitions in the 90s, including the MacAllan in Lorient. He also participated in countless recordings as an interpreter and composer, culminating with the recording of his first solo album, Ávrego (Edicións do Cumio). His music is part of the repertoire of important solists of Galician music, and also of the studies of the Professional Conservatory of Vigo.
Diego Langarika is a Galician musician who is avant-garde in his way of interpreting music at the roots. While an accomplished guitarist and mandolinist, he is mainly know for his bouzouki and also as an instrument craftsman. He was the founder of bands like Xerfa, Tridentes ou a Banda das Perchas.