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Xose Liz

Xosé Liz (flute/guitar/bouzouki) is one of the most active musicians in the Galician music scene. As a multi-instrumentalist musician of recognized national and international prestige in the field of folk music, he has appeared at festivals such as the Lórient Interceltic Festival, the Ortigueira Festival, the Celtic Connection of Glasgow, the Piping Live of Ireland. Producer, composer and arranger, he is a master of plucked string instruments and every form of flute. He is an instructor for these instruments at the traditional music academy in Vigo, Spain. He was the founder musician of important Galician bands such as Beladona, Entretrastes, Lizgairo and Riobó and, he collaborates with internationally known Galician artists such as Uxía, Rodrigo Romaní, Cristina Pato and Anxo Lorenzo.

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