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Laura Zeltia Acuña’s voice rises like the mists that hover over the Galician forests and grows to a howl that reverberates with the power of the Celtiberian ancestors who walked these lands thousands of years ago. Like the petroglyphs they carved into rocks, Zeltia is leaving her marks too…but hers are floating on soundwaves that only mark our hearts and memories.
Zeltia Irevire is Migui Carballido Cernadas on bodhran and percussion, Laura Zeltia Acuña Barros on vocals and guitar, and Cibrán Seixo Pazos on Violin and bass synthesizer. Three young musicians with different styles, all hailing from Santiago de Compostela, they managed to meld their styles into what they like to call “Tribal Folk” – electroacoustic music with a deep message for the people.
Drawing on a sensitivity to the beauty of the natural world and the painful paradoxes of being a living being, Zeltia Irevire channels an almost supernatural poetry, moving and transporting audiences with the potent magic of Galcia.
Zeltia Irevire’s first LP, “Vacaloura”, was released in October 2023.

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