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When painter Emma Jones’ beloved photographer husband goes missing at the hands of a madman, the only way to find him and bring him home is to unpeel layers of deception dating back two generations to the founding of her town, Abacus.

Nearly a hundred years before, humanitarian John Abacus Sovereign is well-loved but has made some powerful enemies by harnessing clean, free ambient electricity and making it available around the globe. He has spent his considerable fortune preparing for a looming environmental catastrophe by creating a 400 square mile planetary safe house which has been designed to facilitate physical, emotional and mental wellness, and is founded on the principles of pragmatism, truth, and individual freedom. Abacus is religion-, politics-, money-, law-, and government-free. People who violate the simple social contract are ejected, which means certain, rapid death in a ruined world.

Things work fine for ninety years until a sociopath who was born into the community takes control and the people of Abacus are unable to recognize lies and dysfunction. Emma Jones is fighting mad, and with a group of friends, works to recover her husband and stop his kidnapper before he wipes out the last people on Earth.