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About Jones

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats

I’ve never met anyone who could truly hear the Flower Duet from Lakme without closing their eyes.  Why is it that we close our eyes when we hear the most beautiful music or when we are confronted with the richest, most evocative smells?  Why is it that all else falls away when we experience a profound connection with another human being?  We skirt the edge of something beautiful and we try to hone in on it by blocking out the distractions.

Every waking moment, our senses are bombarded from all directions, with everything competing for our attention.  Often the loudest, brightest, most colorful, most blatant obscures the simplicity that contains the meaning.  We miss these slivers of extreme beauty and truth that swirl around even our most mundane moments, lost in the maelstrom of daily modern living – the routine business of survival.

Each scene we witness evokes feelings, moods.  When we quiet the noise, remove the extraneous, we are left with structures and the light that defines them.   I want to hone in on these elemental qualities.

In my youth, I spent so much time thinking about photography and visualizing every scene that I found myself seeing in black and white. No matter what I looked at, I found myself removing the color and reducing the scene to its constituent tonal values and shapes. We have become so desensitized to simplicity that this distilling of an image almost begins to shift it toward the abstract. Visual simplicity excites me because its authenticity brings me closer to a state of truth.

Published Work

"Galicia Profunda" Lenswork Vol 162, April 2023
“Lux Obscure” Adore Noir, Issue 25, April 2015
Photo Techniques, November 2013
Lenswork Vol 106, May 2013
Silvershotz Volume 7 - Edition 6, October 2011
“Kolor Panobook 2011” www.kolor.com, 2011
“Architecture” Lenswork/Lenswork Extended Vol 87, April 2010
“Spotlight” Black and White Magazine, Issue 42, April 2006
“Gallery” Petersen’s Photographic, January 1982

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