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House in Fondós

La Colmena del Carpintero


Satellite view

View from the trail

Built in 1900 by a carpenter and his brother

Wild horses

Wild horses in the park

Entry room

Traditional chestnut cabinet

Door to workshops

Entry room

View into kitchen


View into entry



kitchen cabinet

1st floor bathroom

first workshop

we clean it out and put in a floor

with some finishing work it would make a great den/TV room

second workshop

We clean it out and Jones uses it for his workshop

traditional wooden shoes

view from 1st workshop into entry

workshop #1 ceiling

workshop #1 chestnut cabinet

stairway up to great room

stairway in entry room

granite stairs

great room

Top of great room stairs

Great Room has 4 balconies

Great room

great room

great room

Upstairs bathroom off great room

hallway with 4 bedrooms

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

bedroom 2

bedroom 3 with colmena

bedroom 3 with colmena

bedroom 4

view into master bedroom

master BR

master br

100+ year old linens, made from flax grown on the farm

master br has a balcony

master bedroom

view into courtyard

attic over great room with chestnut planks

other section of attic over great room

lots of random stuff up there

more chestnut planks

more stuff

antique beds

other attic section

pile of antique planes and saws

antique saw

carpenter's tools

jones took so many pics

wow, more of the great room

hand carved horse head

Sarah looking at the bees

balcony with the park beyond

omg Jones stop with the pictures

How many pics do we need to see

OK, I do like this horsehead pic

This is an old light switch

View down to the entry room. Rolling my eyes at this point

Side of the house facing the road

wild horses in the park

This door goes into the kitchen and the balcony is from the master bedroom

built in flower pots, i love them

Below is the bodega, above is an apartment

bodega with barrels


Outbuilding with lareira

would be a lovely sitting room after cleaning

so much crap

lareira, i love it

needs elbowgrease

this trail leads off into the hills for miles

Talking with the architect

This is the corral on the end for animals

the wall behind me is the lareira room

this area is under cover, it will be lovely for outdoor dining

two animal pens

stairs going up, this is the worst part of the entire property, but the beams and walls are excellent

There's so much we could do with this

Dog pen with bedframe gate

Upstairs apartment

It had a leak but it was repaired

apartment bathroom

Huge apartment bedroom

another view of the big apartment bedroom

Another view

This is an incredible room behind the apartment bedroom, It would make an amazing recording studio

It is giant and filled with a lot of crap

There is also some great stuff

including beautiful old furniture

There are also boxes of antique sterling silverware

Also the original doors and windows and all of the doors have the keys in the locks

This is the other attic over the potential recording studio

This attic has more chestnut furniture and planks.

It also has entrances and perches for doves.

Antique chestnut planks with live edges

Original doors and windows

The studio

Jones likes this room, thus the excessive photos

Stairway from studio down to the stables

Stables. A huge space. A whole other apartment


Where they fed the cows

One more of the stable

my bees!!! love

Side yard enclosed with stone wall

Grape arbor will be so lovely in summer

Grape arbor, they are in the back of the house, too. Some of the vines are 100+ years old

The cruceiro is outside the stone wall and belongs to the community. But I love that it's in front of our house

All of those old chestnut cabinets are full

detail of one of the many hand made doors

View from the front

lovely gate in the park

the park next to the house

the house from the park

the stairs lead up to the apartment

lareira building and animal area

Alcove under apartment, metal door is to the bodega, storage area under stairs is that dark doorway

Front door, I guess

Door into entry room, balcony is in the great room

Whole whole area is under the grape arbor

horrero , traditional grainery

the grapes are getting started

This horreo is considered patrimony and is protected by law. We can reform it following government guidelines

Yard has apples, quince, pears, chestnuts, and 4 different varieties of figs

more yard

horseshoe for tying up your horse

lavadora for washing clothes

more planks stored under the horreo with a bunch of junk

it's 1000x prettier in person

we would love to redo all of the roofs

horreo and house

house from the trail

Jones being Jones

Plenty of work to be done but we adore it

las vecinas