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Another day at Razo

December 30th was a spectacular day here in Galicia so we headed west to spend another day on Razo beach. I took all my gear to make stitched images but the wild nature of the area doesn't lend itself to that kind of photography. So instead I spent a lot of time "sketching" with my camera. Generally this doesn't lead to much useful material for me. Better to come home with one beautiful image than a thousand poor ones shot from the hip.

Sometimes though it is just a good exercise to play and shoot without any expectation of coming home with a "keeper." That is pretty much how this day went. But I'll share a couple with you that I was happy I had the chance to see.

As I was taking these images it occurred to me how much like snowflakes the ocean is. Every fraction of second the scene changes and no two moments in time will ever be the same. There may be similar moments but it will never be exactly the same. And while thinking about this, there was just a little bit of guilt. The idea that I could capture the beauty of the sea and these moments seemed ridiculous. In the end I know I failed. Still I have a couple of souvenirs I can share. Something like bringing home shells for your friends.




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