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Jane In Spain

Living in Galicia has provided incredible new photographic opportunities along with some challenges. The culture and architecture are wildly different from where we came from. In New York I felt in tune with the buildings and places I knew and had a certain comfort with how I wanted to present those places and the scenes I photographed. Spain has given me a very different palette to work from and pushed me to learn new ways to look at my surroundings. Rich organic landscapes and structures give insight into how Galicians are tied to nature and the land. Everyday is a new exercise in seeing and feeling.

After living in Spain for a year we decided to start sharing these experiences by making videos about our life here. A few months ago we launched our YouTube channel Jane In Spain. Since then we have introduced a handful of videos and are currently working on a new ones. Interestingly, I found that my skills as a still photographer did not really translate to video. Creating meaningful content and telling an engaging story is far more challenging for me than crafting a single image. Fortunately my wife is a gifted writer and storyteller with a sensitive eye and a great capacity for helping others to see. These videos are a collaboration of our talents and a celebration of the beauty that we see here every day.

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